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Finding the Others: Building a Culture of Modern Learning

Session 1
John Clements, Maureen Cohen, Mary Anne Moran, Dave Quinn — Principal (Nipmuc Regional High School), Assistant Superintendent (Mendon-Upton Regional Schools), Associate Principal (Nipmuc Regional High School), Director of Technology Integration (Mendon-Upton Regional Schools)

How do we move away from a teacher-driven culture in favor of a culture of modern learning? What steps can educators and schools take to create learning experiences that inspire? In each school, there are educators who provide powerful answers to these questions that validate the impact of modern learning. “Finding the Others” will share practical ways that schools can activate student agency, tap into educators’ professional curiosity, and access the power of professional and community partnerships to expand the pockets of inspiration and innovation in our schools.

While changing the culture of a school may seem daunting, there are practical steps that schools can take to build a community of educators who are capable of closing the gap between beliefs and practice. In this conversation, representatives from Nipmuc High School will outline a series of easily scalable practices for creating modern learning experiences including: -actionable ways to quickly and clearly articulate beliefs about learning; -Lead Learner meetings which bring students and teachers together to reimagine the student experience; -21st Century Learning Conferences, bi-annual events where students, teachers and community members engage in interest-driven sessions during the school day; -Food for Thought lunches, open forums that ignite conversation between students and teachers; -the open-source Inspired Learning Project which includes a blog, resources and monthly digital discussions.

Participants will walk away from the conversation with new ideas, adaptable protocols, and accessible resources to help them “find the others” and build a powerful network of educators who are committed to reimagining school.

Conversational Practice

Participants will work in small groups in a variety of conversational protocols that promote idea-sharing, making thinking visible, and maximizing digital tools to promote voices over volume.

In addition, the conversation will be shared and organized on a website that will include a variety of embedded tools to encourage backchanneling and digital conversation during and beyond EduCon.

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