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Assessing Project Based Learning: How Do We Know What They Know?

Session 3
Liz Davis, Stephanie Seto, Katie Morgan — Synapse School

At Synapse School, a project-based constructivist K-8 school in Silicon Valley, we approach learning entirely through projects. The pushback on project-based learning is often a question around skills. How can we use formative and summative assessments to show that students learn as much, or more, in this context?

In this session, we’ll share the model we use to ensure that students are engaged and learning throughout their project experience. We will also share our ideas and experiences in assessing projects, as well as some of the formative and summative tools we use to evaluate student progress.

Finally, we will engage in a conversation about how best to evaluate learning in a project based context. As a group, we will generate and cultivate a variety of assessment approaches. Using brainstorming, question storming, small group discussions, and sharing out of ideas, we will collect and share ideas, examples, and tools for best practices in assessing PBL.

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Liz Davis
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