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How Do We Encourage Student Centered Lessons in HS?

Session 6
Patti Duncan — EdCamp NEPA; Discovery Education

The term "student centered instruction" has been bandied about quite a bit in the past few years. What does that look like at the High School level? In conversations with other High School teachers I have experienced both resistance to the concept, as well as confusion about how to make it happen. What do we do if students do not come to us with the skills they need to be self directed learners? How do we make sure that they are prepared for college? How do we handle others in our department who are not interested? Where do we get resources? How do we find the time? All of these questions and more need to be discussed. Let's brainstorm ways to adjust the learning experiences in our High School classrooms to meet the needs of students and teacher alike.

Conversational Practice

I would love to create a collaborative Google Site with ideas and lessons. Depending on the other members of the conversation, maybe we could use Padlet of a Google Doc to post ideas initially. It would be awesome if conversation members were diverse enough to tackle different disciplines. I would propose that we start with a conversation about the meaning of "student centered" because I think that there may be some confusion there. I would also ask people to share ways that they may have already been creating student centered experiences. I think that during this type of conversation, there may be the opportunity to have a "gripe session" so I will encourage us to get that out of the way right in the beginning and help others see that instead of dwelling on why it can not/should not work, we should focus on possible solutions.

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