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Creating Human Systems in Schools

Session 2
Chris Lehmann — Science Leadership Academies

Too often, the systems in place in our institutions end up becoming so restrictive that people feel like they serve the system as opposed to the systems serving the people.

However, progressive education has too often dealt with that problem by rejecting systems and letting 1000 flowers bloom around ideas, but with little that systemizes it. That can result in a high barrier to entry for students and teachers attempting to move from a traditional educational mindset to a progressive one.

What our schools need are dynamic, human systems that serve people and allow all of us in our schools - students, staff and parents alike - to ramp up to the most powerful ideas that can power our schools.

This session will examine the notion of the "human system" and participants will look at the systems and structures in their classrooms and schools to create a pathway to change to more human, progressive spaces.

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