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Conversations In and Across the Classrooms

Session 4
Hilary Hamilton, Nancy Ironside, Tim Boyle — SLA-MS

What is the connection between conversation and comprehension? How can schools support students as they seek to build meaning from what they read and learn? How can conversation allow disciplines to better collaborate around content and skills? What are the ways conversation can be used as a tool to make schools more equitable and less hierarchical? If EduCon is a conversation, not a conference, how can schools make this model more accessible for students to both support their growth and honor their thinking?

Join faculty from Science Leadership Academy Middle School to discuss these questions and learn how conversation is embedded into the curricula and practices at SLA-MS and think about what it means to get better at conversation.

Conversational Practice

SLA-MS faculty will facilitate a conversation that includes inquiry, collaboration and reflection around questions regarding conversations in and across classrooms. Participants will collaborate in groups, brainstorm & share solutions and reflect upon practice.

Presenter Profiles

Nancy Ironside
Nancy Ironside
Hilary Hamilton
Hilary Hamilton
Science Leadership Academy - Middle School


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