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The Evolving Role of the 21C Educator

Session 6
Tiffany Wycoff — Blended Learning in Action; Learning Innovation Catalyst

This conversation will focus on defining what the role of educator has looked like past, present, and future. The goal is to

  • Tease out what has been the central value of the teacher-student interaction through different eras of changing paradigms in education
  • Create a clearer confidence in what is irreplaceable
  • Brainstorm ways to leverage innovation to allow for more teacher-student interaction and maximize the impact of that interaction

The conversation is important in the face of fear of futurists' predictions regarding automation of education, and in the current fear of personalized learning when the misinterpretation of that model puts technology over pedagogy and rapport.

Conversational Practice

Create an online share space using a tool like Padlet for organizing contributions and ensuring all voices are heard. Transition between online sharing and offline conversations in both small and whole group.

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