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HMW Create Sustainable Innovation via Personalized Professional Development Pathways?

Session 3
Kevin Moore — Malvern Preparatory School

In order to build a culture of innovation and ownership within a school community, we must often start with the individual. How might we engage and empower individual members as they explore new avenues within education? Next, how might we translate that experience to the larger community in a clear and concise way? All too often professional development is assigned or selected as part of a larger system. At the intersection of professional goals and community goals, individuals and schools have the opportunity to create a personalized professional development(PPD) program that produces outcomes for both parties. Further, what if that program had an allotted budget for travel/conferences/etc. and compensation for the individual's work?

As the session unfolds, we will discuss tools for designing PPDs, strategic check-ins, avenues for sharing to school communities, and systems to maintain accountability. We will “questionstorm” what outcomes might look like. Further, we will note through both the lens of the individual teacher and the school community a system for professional portfolio creation and presentation along with other faculty driven initiatives that are a result of a culture of professional development. To return to our initial question, we will discuss in small groups how PPDs have the power to create sustainable cultures of innovation through sharing learning experiences with colleagues. Before closing the session, we will spend time individually and together crafting what a PPD proposal might look like for your school.

Conversational Practice

The session will be built on social cognitivist theory. It is imperative that we are all learners. We will explore together and share based off experiences, so that others might learn. Conversational groups will formed via a deck of playing cards with hopes to create diversity of thought. As a entire team, we will move in and out of small and large group conversation to create big professional development dreams. At the end of the session, we will finish with a "question-storm!" The last five-ten minutes must only be spoken in questions to leave our minds curious as we land our journey.

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