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Hiring with a Maker Mentality

Session 3
Nick Fargnoli, Dan McAlpin — Bloomfield Middle/High School

How do we hire great teachers? This might be the most important question that schools face today given the ever-changing landscape of public education and the influx of modern technology. We believe that being a great teacher today means being able to create curiosity in novel and responsive environments. But do our hiring practices actually target those qualities? In our case, they did not…so we changed them. This hands-on workshop will:

  1. Provide some context for what it means to have a Maker mentality
  2. Walk participants through the process we created to revamp our hiring process
  3. Allow participants time to cross pollinate ideas and collaboratively design processes that are aligned with their own district goals and core values

Conversational Practice

We believe that most administrators see the value in hiring high quality teachers; however, very few have the time or energy to put into redesigning their current practice because there are so many other tasks that demand attention. In this workshop session, participants would have time to collaborate with their colleagues from other areas of the country and to open a dialogue about processes that have worked for other schools/districts. Our anticipated agenda is as follows:

-Impromptu collaborative Maker challenge -Maker challenge reflection -Brief overview of our experiences and ideas for additional learning -Evaluation of current practice -Collaborative brainstorming and work time: How could we reimagine the hiring process to identify candidates that embody a Maker Mentality?
-Final reflective discussion

Presenter Profiles

Nicholas Fargnoli
Nicholas Fargnoli
Bloomfield Central School


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