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Symmetrical Learning: Creating Rich Experiences for All Learners

Session 6
Alexis Goldberg, Luke Bauer, Pete Wood — The Urban Assembly, The Urban Assembly Maker Academy

At The Urban Assembly, a network of 21 public schools across New York City, we have embarked upon a journey to ensure that everyone in our community - administrators, teachers and students - have access to rich learning experiences. We know that the best learning involves exploration and access to resources of time and collaboration.

In this conversation, we will share our use of Instructional Rounds as an organizing framework to create a symmetrical approach to learning and the impact it has had so far. Specifically, we will share the practice of Instructional Rounds that Urban Assembly Principals engage in, and how one school leader at The Urban Assembly Maker Academy has adopted the practice for school wide and teacher inquiry. As one of the guiding principles of Educon suggests, we strive to create educative experiences that are inquiry-driven, thoughtful and empowering for all learners. From there, we will invite participants to consider their own structures for learning, and ask the question: “How symmetrical are these learning experiences?”

Conversational Practice

The structure of the presentation will be a focus on sharing the practices in the format of a Presentation of Learning (POL) a structure we use to share our learning. From there, we will use discussion protocols to guide the group towards deeper learning, including a text protocol to discuss relevant research, a time for the participants to reflect on their own practices, and a modified consultancy protocol to provide feedback on next steps.

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