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Student Publishing and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Session 4
Ross Cooper, Casey Cohen — Salisbury Township School District, Apple Distinguished Educator, Hannah Senesh Community Day School

We will begin the session by showing a portion of the Alan November TEDX-Talk on student publishing. We will use the themes in this talk to drive a QFT (Question Formulation Technique) discussion with the participants in the session based on the question, “Why write for your teacher when you can publish for the world?” We will consider: Why is this idea a game changer and what technology can we use to give students authentic publishing experiences? As we discuss the significance of student publishing and writing for an authentic audience, we will also discuss how these ideas connect to students developing an entrepreneurial spirit (and potentially being entrepreneurs). We will share examples and stories of how teachers in a variety of school communities use student publishing, demonstrate some of the platforms they use to enable publishing, discuss obstacles they have encountered, and offer reflections on the process from students. We will also include a portion of the session to sharing resources such as blog posts articles. Participants will have time to read an excerpt of a recommended blog or article and share back major ideas with the rest of the session’s participants. We will conclude the conversation with a brainstorm in which we will ask participants to think about one technique or tool they can take back to their schools and what they can do to give their students a publishing experience.

Conversational Practice

The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) routine will be used to drive participant thinking and discussion. This routine will be prompted by a portion of the Alan November TEDx Talk and the question, “Why write for your teacher when you can publish for the world?” After, more of the “direct instruction” will take place in the form of authentic student examples and reflections, blog posts, publishing platforms, and more. Participants will have time and opportunities to share their own experiences, ideas, and resources. Everything will be compiled in a Google doc.

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