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Graduation by Exhibition

Session 5
George Zeleznik, Ann Croxson, Gena Lopata, Laura Craig — The Crefeld School

Are today’s high school graduates prepared for post-secondary education? The Crefeld School’s Graduation by Exhibition model better prepares students for a smooth transition to life after high school. Crefeld administrators and teachers will share details about their successful progressive Graduation by Exhibition (GBE) process that is an essential component of the school’s program.

At Crefeld, students earn their diploma through GBE. This process requires students to demonstrate mastery in fifteen distinct projects. While working on each of the exhibitions, students utilize essential skills including logical reasoning, expository writing, analytical reading, research and understanding, self-reflection, engaged citizenship, and executive functioning. All of these skills prepare students for post-secondary education.

In this session, participants will be actively engaged in this interactive workshop by learning about each exhibition; by understanding how progressive education strengthens the program; by identifying the challenges and rewards of the program; and by hearing first-hand testimonies from recent Crefeld alumni.

Participants in this workshop will leave with The Crefeld School’s Graduation by Exhibition Handbook.

Conversational Practice

After sharing a small amount of background and philosophy about our process, we will engage participants in several of the activities that involve various structures and opportunities to interact with the exhibitions. Our workshop will be participant-centered, allowing time to hear from the group about their experiences, concerns and visions for a similar process at their schools. Attendees will leave having actively participated in progressive activities intended to solidify their understanding, as well as an understanding on how this process drives the culture of the school, and our handbook outlining the graduation by exhibition process.

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