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Designing and Leading Engaging OER Ecosystems

Session 3
Andrew Marcinek — Worcester Academy

Innovation does not have to simply be associated with the latest application to burgeon out of Silicon Valley or the savvy keynote speaker, but rather, it can be seen in our classrooms across the country. By nature, educators are researchers and designers within their classrooms and have always thrived on the ability to share and repurpose. As educational leaders, we must find ways to reinvest in the profession of teaching and amplify the innovative work that educators design on a yearly basis. Fostering a shared culture of learning and instructional design within an academic institution can support teacher leadership and greatly impact student growth. Openly licensed educational resources can help spark this culture and promote innovative teaching and learning by openly sharing and amplifying what educators create daily. It’s time we recognize the innovative capacity of all educators. This conversation will focus on three key goals:

  1. Define and identify openly licensed educational resources
  2. Identify problem sets and solutions through case studies
  3. Understand why OERs are important and why various schools choose to use them

Conversational Practice

Interactive Discussion: Where on the OER continuum do you find yourself? ( Starting to learn < — — > Implementing) Where do you think your district is on this continuum? How did you make that determination? Where are you on this continuum? How did you make that determination?

Group Discussion: Why open educational resources matter now?

Group Discussion and share out: OER Case studies
What elements of the story did you connect with and why? What elements of the story could you turn into a goal for your school or classroom? How would you shift your teaching with openly licensed educational resources? What professional learning is necessary for this type of transition? Assess and share your own level of OER implementation

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