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Creating a "culture of error" across your school community

Session 4
Brett Shiel — Coaching and Convening

Growth mindset is great on a theoretical level, but the truth is that we begin to set those mindset habits at a very young age - and it's hard to change. We will think together about how to create classroom and school communities that build up growth mindset, and we'll pull in another essential idea - "culture of error" - which is a really helpful way to build growth mindset.

We will talk about four key ideas that make up the culture of error: -expect error -withhold the answer -manage the tell -support risk-taking

This conversation will be applicable for teachers, school leaders, and parents. We also encourage students to join the conversation.

Conversational Practice

We'll start with a short video to help explain the idea of "culture of error."

Then we will discuss what it means and why it is helpful in classrooms and schools, leading the way to a growth mindset.

We will read a few short excerpts to spur conversation, and then break up depending on scenario and role, focusing on how to build a culture of error within your classroom, or among your school leadership team, or across your soccer club. This will be participatory!

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