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Session 3
Don Buckley, Lucy Gray, Karen Blumberg — Tools at Schools LLC, Lucy Gray Consulting, The School at Columbia University

Questions for discussion: Can online learning be a carbon copy of offline learning? Should it be? How can MOOCs work in a K-12 environment?or can they? How can MOOCs be used for faculty professional development (Conference 2.0)? Does the online environment work for specific content types? How much asynchronous vs. synchronous does one need in an online environment? What are ways to be collaborative in an online environment? How do you bring the outside in? When do you bring the outside in? How can you assess online learning experiences? What is the future of online education?

Conversational Practice

We hope to discuss and establish protocols and guidelines for creating and assessing effective online learning opportunities.

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don buckley
don buckley
Tools-at-Schools,Teachers College Columbia, Pearson Author
Lucy Gray
Lucy Gray
Lucy Gray Consulting


Lucy Gray

Steve Hargadon and I are holding two meetings for globally minded orgs and educators on Monday and Tuesday this week in NYC. Sunday (today) is the last day to register for both events.



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