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Will You Still Love Us When We are No Longer Young and Beautiful? ( I Know that You Will)

Session 2
Timothy M. Boyle — SLA family of schools, SLA-MS

This conversation is about 1) Taking inventory of actions we are currently doing to build stakeholder buy-in and understanding 2) Illuminating ways we explicitly and implicitly transmit culture internally and externally 3) Listening to others about what they are doing .

This conversation is rooted in the history of the Parkway Schools in Philadelphia, which went from being labeled the "most interesting high school in America in the 60s, to becoming radically more traditional schools 50 years later.

Conversational Practice

Ask questions, have attendees self select into groups that answer questions that are relevant to them, share. I'd like to think there is a digital connection point, be it a hashtag or Gdoc that folks can reference back to if schools are interested in keeping in contact on the issue

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