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Using Technology to Help Students Explore Mathematical Concepts

Session 1
Brad Latimer, Nicole Gasser — Science Leadership Academy

This conversation will focus on using technology (specifically Desmos and Geogebra) to help students explore mathematical concepts through interactive and engaging online activities. Participants in the conversation will explore several Desmos/Geogebra activities (and hear from current students who have used those activities in math classes), and then will work in small groups to re-design a current unit plan to include technology-based activities that create a more student-centered, inquiry-driven math experience.

Conversational Practice

We will explore and discuss multiple Desmos/Geogebra activities as a whole group, and then participants will work in small groups to re-design an existing unit plan to include technology-based activities. Small and whole group conversations will focus on strategies for effectively identifying and implementing student-driven technology-based activities, and will highlight student feedback based on technology-based activities used during class.

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