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The Ancient in the Progressive: A Socratic Seminar about Project-Based Learning

Session 3
Brandon Miller, Keyshawn Stran, Baijeen Compton, Dashawn Fisher

While attending the Workshop School, students discover their true identity. Which is project based learning. As a community, we have discussions about what's wrong with the education in schools today. In this session, we will focus on the differences between Project-Based Learning and Traditional Learning. The main idea is to be more aware of what's missing in schools today, what can we do to make it more engaging, and how can we make students feel more apart of their school community. A Socratic Seminar is the best was to face this problem head-on. However, this wouldn't be your typical Socratic Seminar, this would be a more hands-on approach.

Conversational Practice

Our goal is to make this session an active session. We would be doing activities related to both Project-based and Traditional Learning. Hands-on activities. "Lets take a leap into the workshop School world, I promise it would be a life changing moment for you" - said a WS student.

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