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So, how was your trip?": The Impact of Student-Led Interdisciplinary Field Studies

Session 2
Pearl Jonas, Steph Sessa — SLA

"So, how was your trip?" Is a question that our students prepare to answer as they close out their field experience. We anticipate the one minute window that students have to capture the attention of their family and friends when they first see them after such a life-changing experience to convey the impact of their trip. This session will explore those experiences.

Students in SLA's International Cultures elective have been working on a student-led, inquiry-driven interdisciplinary project culminating in a field study in Costa Rica. Students will be telling their stories and the inquiry process they went through to compile and complete their projects. Last year, students created their own projects culminating in a field study in Cuba. Last year's students will discuss and reflect on the impact of an international experience on how they understand the world.

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There will a panel discussion.

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Pearl Jonas
Pearl Jonas
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