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Session 1
Anneke Radin-Snaith — Naples CSD

Most of us live in a bubble of some sort, created by geography, socioeconomics, culture, society, family, ourselves, or something else. What responsibility do we, as educators, have to help our students see beyond this bubble? How can we help them break down barriers and understand that we all have shared human experiences despite our differences?

This conversation starts with the assumption that, “People brought together from differing educational, cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds can be prepared to deal more effectively with human problem-solving experiences than those who are not in an integrated setting.” (Taken from World of Inquiry School founding document) Take a look at how two schools, one rural and one urban, have partnered to begin a journey towards this shared understanding. How can we scale this idea? Where does it fit in the curriculum (for schools who may need this to sell the concept?) What other types of opportunities are there for cross-school connections? Please join me for a conversation about the practical role schools can play in countering the polarity and divisiveness we see in our country today.

Conversational Practice

I’ll begin with a brief overview of our rural/urban partnership, then move into a short self reflection protocol, followed by interactive small and large group conversations. Key points will be captured digitally and shared.

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