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How do we DO science in our schools?

Session 2
Eileen Glassmire — Worcester Academy

Science is a process of observing the natural world, questioning, making hypotheses, designing and performing experiments, and drawing conclusions from evidence. Many, if not most, of the "labs" done in grades 6-12 focus on demonstration of properties and building lab and skills. Let's talk about ways to make science better reflect the true nature of the discipline. We face limitations including class size, resources, safety concerns and time constraints. How can we make this work at our schools? The presenter will share an approach that is underway in her classes, its successes and challenges. Participants are encouraged to share how they have made research more authentic in their classrooms and ideas they might have about making this even more approachable. We will reference NGSS science practices as we discuss our work and dreams for future work.

Conversational Practice

We will briefly present (10-15min) the nature of our students' work, including the format of the assignments and associated rubrics. Sample student work will be shared. Participants will then share their own ideas, work, and strategies. We anticipate using a version of the Consultancy Protocol and/or the Tuning Protocol to focus the conversation.

Presenter Profiles

Eileen Glassmire
Eileen Glassmire
Worcester Academy


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