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Helping Students Navigate a Media Saturated World

Session 5
Anna Walker-Roberts — Science Leadership Academy

Our students live in a world that is over-saturated with videos, photos, ads, music, and social media posts. How do we as educators help them navigate this world and flourish in it? In this session we will make space for questions the participants have and proactive ideas we can all take back to our classrooms.

Led by SLA Digital Video teacher Anna Walker-Roberts, this session will make space for questions we all bring to the table as well as proactive ideas we can each take back to our classrooms.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will start by having participants discuss a few essential questions related to how students operate in a media-saturated world and sharing out some of the major ideas they discuss. Participants will be able to add their own questions to the mix and share ideas they have for guiding students on how to be a responsible consumer, creator, and sharer of media.

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