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Filmmaking for Teachers

Anna Walker-Roberts — Science Leadership Academy

Filmmaking for Teachers* Location: Room 300

Space is limited to 30, and filled up very quickly last year. Sign up now!

Fri, Jan 26th 9:30-12:30pm

Join this three-hour intensive workshop led by the students and faculty of SLA’s CTE Digital Video program to learn the technical and artistic techniques of communicating through video. The skills you will learn will be valuable both in creating great video content to help your students learn, and mentoring your students to create compelling video projects for classes and clubs.

After a brief overview of some important concepts you will dive right in to making your own short video. You will be teamed with one or more SLA advanced video students who will guide you as you film and edit your movie.

You can bring any device capable of taking video (smart phone, tablet, point and shoot camera, D-SLR, or dedicated video camera ) creating compelling visual narratives is about technique not equipment. We will help you get the most out of any device you have to work with, or you can use some of our gear if desired. After we screen the finished products you are welcome to spend the afternoon visiting classes at SLA.

Conversational Practice

This session is a bit more presentational than some others at Educon because the focus is about giving teachers tools to take back to their classes, which makes it more hands on than conversation-focused. All participants will be invited to a G+channel in which they will share their videos as well as questions they have. At the end of the session we will screen the videos that were created and have time for reflection and talk back. I will make myself available after the session to chat with specific people about their video needs and will continue to use and update the G+ channel with resources, links, and ideas.

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