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“Flipping the Script- Teachers’ Dispatches from Philadelphia

Session 4
David Limm, Hillary Linardopoulos Brian Cohen, Katrina Clark, Samuel Reed — Teacher Action Group, Philadelphia Public School Notebook, Make the Grade Blog, Media Mobilzing Project

TAG's Philly Media Empowerment series are anchored around using storytelling to shape and influence the narrative of education reform. Participants will discuss telling stories techniques for digital literacy age. Activists, teacher teaders, bloggers, web editors, and media makers will also share tips, tools and strategies for using multi-media for digital story telling.

Discussion leaders will share stories of writing and composing in the digital age:

  •    How to submit Opinion and Editorial Pieces to local newspapers and blogs 
  •    How to write effective leads and headings
  •    How to use social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to build community and  
       create buzz for class projects and social justice causes.
  •    How to create YouTube Channels to share videos and media content.

    Participants will circulate within small group interactive mini-sessions. Presenters will share web resources, sample stories, letters to editors, blogs or other media to set the context for writing in the digital age. Presenters will speak about their writing process and strategies for telling stories. An emphasis of writing effective leads and headlines will also be covered. Participants will be provided an opportunity to briefly think, plan and write about three “Flipping the Script Teachers’ Dispatches from Philadelphia” scenarios– Participants may consider the following:

    • Use one of the scenarios to tell their own story.
    • Which medium would be the best form to tell their story?
    • What would be an effective lead or headline for their story?

Conversational Practice

The discussions will be presented in an interactive roundtable format. This format will allow multiple topics and create audience engagement. Participants will rotate throughout round tables that cover Blogging & Writing in Digital Age, using Social Media, Video for Digital Storytelling. TAG’s plans to collect, curate and disseminate “Flipping the Script Teachers’ Dispatches from Philadelphia” stories via its website, the Philadelphia Public School Notebook and other digital platforms.

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Samuel Reed III
Samuel Reed III
U School / Philadelphia Writing Project


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